What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen someone do?

Tell if I’m right bloggees: cream is not a good colour for lounge-room furnishings. Right? So what kind of normal thinking person would buy themselves a cream coloured couch? I’ll tell you who, my daft daughter Rhonda. Oh sure it’s pretty but as I said to Rhonda, "That thing won’t be cream for long." And lo and behold next thing it was covered in brown muck. I said, "What did I tell you? I won’t be sitting there again, that couch is filthy." I don’t see how she thought yelling at me would get it clean either. She really is a dreadful housekeeper. But the whole house is cream. And white and stainless steel and glass. It looks like a mental hospital. Well her husband’s not right in the head. The way he flies off the handle whenever I let myself in – Insane in the membrane if you ask me. I mean, he really should install a shower curtain.