About Mrs Ethel Chop

Mrs Ethel Chop (nee Collinsplatt) was born some time last century somewhere in Australia, the exact address of which is none of your business.

Many things concern Ethel: unemployment, incorrect bus timetables and young people with no manners. She's had numerous occupations including assembly line work at a munitions factory during The War, arranging flowers for her local church and operating a backpackers hostel out of her chook shed following a semi-successful attempt at taxidermy after her beloved dog Bimbo passed away. Ethel always felt that given the right opportunities, she could have been a surgeon. Or a chef. Enjoy her recipes here.

"Tripe is the lining of a cow's stomach, so when you eat it you're putting a stomach in your stomach! What could be more natural than that?" Mrs Ethel Chop

Interesting Facts about Ethel

Ethel has 6 or 7 children (she can't quite recall). Rhonda is the eldest but least attractive as she takes after her father.

Ethel's late husband Reginald Horace Chop owned a butcher shop specialising in chops. It was called Reginald's Quality Meats.

Ethel operates an illegal backpackers out of her chook shed.

Ethel is a widow which makes her single. Yes menfolk she is available!






Ethel's Wisdom

"I’d like to say it’s wonderful to be here. But that would be a lie."

"Marvelous to see all your lovely faces. Some lovelier than others."

"You can’t smoke anywhere these days. You’re more likely to die of embarrassment than a disease."

"My 1972 Ford Cortina has original tyres. They'll be worth a bit one day."