Bio (Andrea Powell, creator of Ethel Chop)

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Ethel Chop is the alter ego of award-winning actor, author, director, comedian and character specialist Andrea Powell. 

Renowned for her characterisations, Powell has written and performed fourteen comedies for theatre, for which she has received three Comedy Awards and one Green Room Awards nomination. 

Powell's most well-known character is Ethel Chop, but she has a suite of others in her repertoire and also performs stand-up and hosting roles as herself.

Powell’s book Strain Your Gherkins by Ethel Chop was published through Penguin (now an ebook) and she has many TV credits including The Panel, Kath and Kim, The Librarians, The Games, Whatever Happened To That Guy, Micaleff Tonight, Headliners, Judith Lucy’s Spiritual Journey, Judith Lucy Is All Woman, Please Like Me, Utopia, Get Krack'n, and The Edge of the Bush; She wrote and performed weekly radio spots as Ethel Chop on Triple J and Austereo’s Australia-wide network for over 13 years.

Andrea teaches comedy writing for television at RMIT University and mentors VCA script writing students through Melbourne University.

Andrea's characters include:

Ethel Chop (Australia’s favourite octogenarian)

Visma (the hippy healer)

Lorraine (the insane wax therapist)

Yuri Seriyava (the non-English speaking stand-up comedian)

Neil (the bossy self obsessed actor)

Bernard (the would be documentary maker) 

Anya (the sex therapist)

Soxy (the stoned cat)

Dr Margot Lemon (she produces too much saliva)

Bev (the evil next door neighbour)

...... to name a few.


PLEASE LIKE ME (Hazel) Dir: Matthew Saville, ABC 2014

JUDITH LUCY IS ALL WOMAN (self) Dir: Anna Bateman, ABC 2014

BETTER MAN (Journalist) Dir: Kuoa Do, Fremantle Media, SBS, 2013

YOU’RE SKITTING ME (various) Dir: Peter Lawler, ABC3, 2012

JUDITH LUCY’S SPIRITUAL JOURNEY (Ann Lucy) Dir: Tony Martin, ABC, 2011

NEIGHBOURS (Dr Amy Holdsworth) Dir: Peter Sharp, Ch10, 2011

OFFSPRING (Penelope Stenlake) Dir: Daina Reid, Ch. 10, 2011

BEING BRENDO (online series) (various characters) Dir: Colin Batrouney, Vic Aids Council, 2011 – 2013

CITY HOMICIDE (Gina) Dir: Jean-Pierre Mignon, Ch. 9, 2010

LIBRARIANS Series 2 (Paramedic) Dir: Wayne Hope, ABC, 2010

WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THAT GUY (Andrea Moon) Dir: Ted Emery, Foxtel’s Comedy Channel, 2009

BERT’S FAMILY FEUD Merry Men vs Funny Girls (Self) Ch10, 2007

STANDUP! (Ethel Chop) ABC, 2004

EAGLE & EVANS , (spoken role) Dir: Nicholas Bufalo, ABC, 2004

MICALLEF TONIGHT (various sketches) Dir: Adrian Dellevergin, Ch. 9, 2003

THE PANEL (guest panellist) Ch. 10, 2003

GREEKS ON THE ROOF (writer) Dir: Kris Noble, Ch. 7, 2003

KATH & KIM (shopkeeper) Dir: Ted Emery, ABC, 2002

GOOD NEWS WEEK (self) Dir: Ted Robinson, Ch. 10, 2001

THE GAMES (Socog Worker) ABC, 2000

UPFRONT 5,6 & 8 (self, Ethel Chop) Dir: Ted Robinson, ABC, 2000-2002

HEADLINERS (self, Ethel Chop) Comedy Channel

10:30 SLOT (Ethel Chop) ABC, 2000

ONE SIZE FITS ALL (various & self) Dir: Ted Emery, ABC, 2000

ROUND THE TWIST (evil business woman) ABC, 1999


STRAIN YOUR GHERKINS, Penguin Group, published 2007

STANDUP! (writer) ABC, 2004

GREEKS ON THE ROOF (writer) Dir: Kris Noble, Ch. 7, 2003

UPFRONT 5,6 & 8 (writer) Dir: Ted Robinson, ABC, 2000-2002

ONE SIZE FITS ALL (writer) Dir: Ted Emery, ABC, 2000

HEADLINERS (writer) Comedy Channel

10:30 SLOT (writer) ABC, 2000

Andrea has written for online magazines Gizmag, Hoopla & The Scrivener’s Fancy. She has also been director and dramaturge for various performers including comedian Nelly Thomas, cabaret performer Wes Snelling, actress Amelia Christo, sketch artists Girls Uninterrupted and comedian Anne Edmonds.


ETHEL HAS A PIANIST (Ethel Chop) His Majesty’s Theatre Perth, 2013, Perth Fringe & Melbourne Fringe 2014

ETHEL CHOP & CHUMS (Ethel Chop) Melbourne Fringe, Perth Fringe 2012

LORRAINE’S HAIR & FACE (Lorraine), MICF 2010

BOEING BOEING (Bertha understudy) Dir: Hannah Chissick, New Theatricals 2008

GOBBLEDYGOOK (all) Dir: Greg Stone, MICF 2008

HOW DO YOU LIKE YOUR EGGS? (all) Dir: Colin Batrouney, MICF 2007

IN THE SHADE OF THE PEAR TREE, Dir: Andrea Powell, Melbourne Fringe 2007

WES SNELLING IN TINA DEL TWIST, Dir: Andrea Powell, Midsumma 2007


MIDNIGHT MASS (various) Trades Hall 2002

I SMELL BACON (all) Melbourne Fringe 2002


ETHEL CHOP & CHUMS (Ethel) Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2001

THIS IS YOUR MISERABLE LIFE (all) Dir: Judith Lucy, MICF 1999

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH (Visma/Pat) Dir: Colin Batrouney, Melbourne Fringe 1997


MIX 94.5 AUSTEREO (Ethel Chop, Visma & various characters) Breakfast Show, 2004 – 2013

TRIPLE M AUSTEREO (self, Ethel Chop) Tony Martin’s Get This!, 2007

774 ABC (self & various characters), The Conversation Hour, Derrick Guille, various programs, 2000 - present

JOY FM (self & various characters), various programs, 2000 - present

FOX FM AUSTEREO (Ethel Chop), 2005

2DAYFM AUSTEREO (Ethel Chop), 2004

TRIPLE J ABC (Ethel Chop & self), Breakfast Show, 2000 – 2003


Andrea trained at Curtin University in Theatre Arts in the late 1980’s and has done numerous related courses and workshops since. She also has a keen interest in Wine has a level 2 (Distinction) WSET in Wines and Spirits.

*Nominated for a Green Room Award for ‘This Is Your Miserable Life’

*Best Perth Fringe Comedy Award for ‘Ethel Chop & Chums’

*Best Melbourne Fringe Comedy Award for ‘I Smell Bacon’

*High Commendation Fringe Comedy for ‘How Do Your Like Your Eggs?’


Andrea can ride a skateboard, knows quite a bit about plonk and how it's made, is a speedy typist, can produce fake sneezes and cat screeches, enjoys single malt whiskey and once broke her ankle trying to hail a cab.

Ethel reports live and on location for Mix94.5FM

Ethel reports live and on location for Mix94.5FM

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Ethel on location on a recent film shoot

Ethel on location on a recent film shoot